January 12, 2016


Hot weather has finally arrived in Sydney; BBQ’s are being dusted off and swimmers are emerging out of the back of wardrobes. It’s that time of year to shed some layers and take time to relax against the backdrop of a hot summer evening.
This can only be done, though, if you clear the space around you of anything that is collecting spider webs and causing clutter. A clear mind can be achieved through a clean house that is free of unused stuff.

So first things first, take advantage of those council cleanups that you haven’t yet used and take a bit of time to do a sweep up of anything that you no longer need or want.

It can sometimes be difficult to say goodbye to that pile of your favourite cooking magazines, or those books that you curled up with during winter. However, if you consider donating these items to those less fortunate, you’ll not only be bringing light into their lives but will also be doing so for yourself. You’ll have heaps more space that you can use to put your feet up and, yes, add any summer reading that you’re looking forward to catching up on.

Once you’ve cleared your home you can now chose to rearrange and revitalise both the inside and outside of your home.

First, try adding leafy green plants as this can help you feel connected to the summery outdoors. Some easy-care plants include peace lilies, succulents, orchids, and fresh herbs. By adding some greenery your home will feel fresh and warm after your big cleanup.

Next, try adding a few summer colours, such as mint, pastel pink, cream, or yellow, into your house that reflect the changing seasons. You can simply change your linens or towels or you can go all out and replace your cushions, rugs, curtains, vases – anything that suits your budget and that you see needs a fresh new look. Ensure that you keep your winter additions in storage for when the colder months hit.

This change will not only reinvigorate you and the space around you, but it will also make your house ready to fit to any particular season or mood that arrives.

Lastly, now that the inside of your home is light and breezy, you can now create an amazing alfresco space in your outdoors area. During summer you’ll want to spend as much time as possible outside so no matter the size or layout of your backyard, porch, or balcony, you can make a few additions that speak of that summer touch. Try adding elegant wicker chairs, fresh, patterned cushions, or some useful sun protection such as a marquee dressed with fairy lights.

No matter what your style, you can recreate it for the summer months. Once you have a clutter-free space to use, your imagination can spring to life just like a flower in bloom under the warm summer sun.

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December 13, 2015


We all know that our surroundings play a big part in how productive we are in that particular space.
For example, if we go to work in an office that is bland, cluttered or messy we don’t feel motivated to work and our productivity will take a turn for the worse. Instead, workspaces, whether they are in the comfort of your own home or in an office within a skyscraper, should motivate and inspire you. Adding pieces and creative additions to a workspace that make the area uniquely yours can do this.

We at Little Things Interiors believe that whoever made the rule that workspaces should be only functional areas is incorrect. We want to challenge this idea and invite you to do the same. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on such a project either. The tiniest addition can add a fresh new breath to the dullest of spaces, and soon you’ll be happier and more productive at work than you ever thought you could be!

Each addition can be simple and yet will have a big impact.
For instance, some small, framed photographs in a reception area will create interest for those working in the office or for clients waiting in that space. Placing green, leafy, and hardy plants such as peace lilies, succulents, and orchids can be added just about anywhere, from the kitchen to the office to the boardroom to the windowsill. Lastly, you can try playing with unique lamps and other lighting elements on your desk, as this will add flare and a distinct brightness to the workspace.

Keep in mind when adding artwork that the piece(s) itself should be bright and interesting to look at, not dull or scarce. Try taking into consideration what colours work best for productivity (such as yellow, blue, and green) and piece an artwork or two that represents a positive mood.

Plants in particular have a range of benefits such as cleaning the air around you and creating a positive atmosphere that will drive productivity. It’s no secret that adding that green element to any space can have great results, so when considering what plant to add to your workspace make sure you enjoy the aesthetic elements of that particular plant.

Any lighting addition can be uniquely yours. If you’re a bit bohemian you can add small hanging lanterns, or if you prefer a modern look you can try sleek bending lamps that are both functional and unusual.

There’s no limit to what you can add to your workspace, but the golden rule is to ensure that whatever you add makes you feel positive and energised.

We could go on all day about what you can add, but in the end it’s up to you and what you find the most inspiring! So get out there and let your imagination run wild. The next thing you know, your workspace will be a place that you love going to again and again.

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December 08, 2015


It’s that time of year again. Shopping centres have been hanging tinsel and playing Christmas tunes since November, yet you are in denial about what month it actually is. It’s December, and the silly season is upon us!
You love the holidays, but the stress of preparing for them and finding gifts for all your loved ones can often outweigh those things that make the holiday season great. It’s a time of year that can be both extremely fun and extremely stressful and the balancing act can often be overwhelming.

We understand that you only have a limited amount of time to dedicate to making the holidays perfect, and so that’s why we suggest you stick with the motto less is more. If you stay true to that motto in every action that you take, you’ll be surprised just how easily your to-do list will diminish.

You want to impress your friends and family during the holiday season, especially if you are hosting the Christmas day dinner or the Boxing Day BBQ. No matter what event you have planned, you can be creative and innovative without blowing your wallet or your time.

For instance, if you are hosting the big family dinner and want to spruce up your home and the dining table you can try adding small elements that will make a big impact, such as small branches of foliage in jars, ornaments sourced from a secondhand shop, or designer scented candles that create a warm and homely atmosphere. You don’t need to go overboard and so your wallet will thank you later.

Having a Christmas tree that is either artificial or real can take up a huge amount of space and often is an expensive purchase. Instead of splurging on a traditional tree, you can try finding a simple branch or two from a free or from your local florist. This is not only a cheaper alternative, but also falls under the same less is more umbrella. You’ll also find that this alternative is completely unique from the traditional tree and once you add decorations and minimal lights you will have a festive space that took little to no effort on your part.

You’ll also need to consider how to save money and time when it comes to finding and wrapping gifts. Implement the less is more approach by finding small items that are unique and will bring a smile to the receiver’s face. You can make this experience even more enjoyable by saying no to the tacky and expensive Christmas wrapping by saying yes to simple brown paper tied with string. You can also add some foliage or a small photo on the front to make the gift even more unique.
These simple tips can really add up to an elegant and creative holiday season and will allow you more time and energy to devote to what the holidays are really about: spending time with loved ones.

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December 06, 2015


They say home is where the heart is, so why not put your heart and soul into the design of your home?
To gain that truly peaceful and unique living space that we are all looking for we are often drawn to the cookie-cutter mold of design magazines and traditional styles. We are taught to believe that if we follow the rules of simplicity, style, and functionality we will end up with exactly what we’re after.

The truth is, creating that ideal home space is not always about adhering to what we are told to stick to. A little flare and outside the box thinking can often add an extra, unexpected touch that you never thought would prove effective or functional. Yet by putting your individual spin on the design of your home, you’ll be surprised to find that your home will not only be uniquely yours, but it will also be welcoming to others.

Whether your personal touch is a bit bohemian, modern or a bit of both, you can add this to just about anything in your home. We all know that we don’t often fit into just one type of style, so why not mix your tastes into the design of your home? You may find that, instead of each piece clashing with one another, they will blend together because they represent the true you.

For instance, who said that all of the chairs at your dining room table need to be the same; try adding in chairs that are from different eras. Adding this unique style to some or all of the furniture in your home can really bring each space to life because of the wow factor of the unexpected. You’ll also find that after you’ve added modern chairs to your traditional table that you feel instantly more at home.

You may also like to try being creative with the greenery and plants that you have in your home. There are a variety of options available to you, such as vertical gardens, big and mini orchids, terrariums that require little to no maintenance, and succulents that can line a sunny windowsill. These additions are entirely up to you so don’t be afraid to add in a plant to an unexpected area, such as your lounge room or bathroom.

You can also be creative with the floor spaces around your home. Try a vintage, colourful rug tucked underneath leather armchair, or a patterned welcome mat in front of your modern sliding door. These additions will add a subtle texture to blank and boring spaces.

Be sure that anything you do add is unique to you as an individual. This will ensure that your home is the place where your heart truly does live. It’s your choice to add them where, when, and how you want. No one else can tell you otherwise.
Your home will stand out because it showcases your personality and in doing so, will be a unique creation that you can call your own.

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November 30, 2015


Vertical gardens are all the rage these days. By mixing the organic with the busy and modern style of city life, these upright patches of green beauty are the go-to for revamping a boring or unused space.
The addition of a vertical garden doesn’t mean grueling hard work and the necessity of having a green thumb, either. This is a testament to the popularity of vertical gardens. It’s incredibly easy to create and maintain a vertical garden; which then makes it a pleasure to enjoy. If you have a blank wall in your office, your balcony, or even in your kitchen, you can make use of this growing trend with just a few quick and simple steps. The sky really is the limit when it comes to turning an empty wall into a tropical paradise. All it takes is a tiny bit of online research to discover exactly what plants will grow best in your chosen spot and away you go!

For instance, succulents and hardy herbs do wonderfully in a sunny, outdoor area, and soft herbs, small veggies, and perfumed flowers can go perfectly near your kitchen. Your imagination becomes your tool when designing your ideal vertical garden and all you need to consider is what light your plants will receive and whether the style, smell, and look of your chosen plants suit your needs and your home. Whatever you end up choosing, your vertical garden will guarantee to be a hit because of its authenticity and great use of previously unused space.

Once you’ve decided what you want to plant, you can either DIY the project or get some professional help. The latter option requires you to do some research to find a particular design company in Sydney that suits your budget and style and once you have the perfect match, you’ll be amazed at how creative this new form of gardening has become. Designers aren’t afraid to take these modern gardens to the next level; sometimes by adding cascading elements such as ivy and jasmine that will cling and grow upwards, or by creating separate sections for flowers, herbs, and small veggies. If you do choose to DIY instead, you’ve got a range of helping hands available via the Internet or at your local design and home wares stores.

The maintenance of a vertical garden is also a simple task and often involves a quick water once every week or so, and very minimal weeding, pruning or replanting. Depending on your chosen flowers and plants, you may have a flourishing garden all year long or you’ll be surprised by a huge growth of plants during spring or summer.

Once your garden is up you’ll be able to take advantage of a low maintenance garden that cleans the air around you and offers up a luscious and welcoming warmth to your home or office.
You’ll have all your friends and colleagues fawning over your new creation; little do they know that you barely lifted a finger in the process.

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November 26, 2015


Are you looking to take time out of your busy schedule to relax and unwind? A haven awaits you in an unexpected space, tucked away in the least obvious of places: the corner of a room.
We all live hectic lives these days. Whether it be juggling raising kids and the stresses of your full-time job, or doing extra-curricular activities in order to keep fit or stimulated, we all know what it’s like to feel burnt out. Here at Little Things Interiors we believe that it’s the tiny touches that can make all the difference. By turning an unused space such as the corner of your bedroom into a specific zone made just for relaxing, you’ll quickly notice that less is indeed more.

Corners are not the first place you’d think to decorate or add to, because they’re often considered dead space. They can at first seem restrictive because of their size and shape. What’s great about turning this dead space around, however, is that you’ll not only be taking a creative step but also a practical one. Who needs to add on an extra room to the house when you’ve already got a place you can use for that special purpose of relaxation?

To create a serene environment in a corner space, you can add chairs and small, comfy lounges to give yourself a spot to put your feet up. Next, you can play around with adding plants, flowers, lamps, hanging and framed artworks, and small tables that can create movement and an inviting look. Also, the use of soft textures and subtle, earthy colours will make the spot warm and welcoming, so be sure to compliment this space with careful consideration of the emotion that each piece invokes.

Some examples include adding a comfortable reclining chair paired with a rustic lamp and leafy plant, as this will give you an excellent reading space. You could also try the addition of a footstool to a wooden chair and an elegant vase of flowers placed on a small side table can create a paradise for comfort. Lastly, adding an elegant artwork on the wall adjacent to your chair will complete the look.

Keep in mind, however, that there is a fine balance between too little and too much. If you end up with too many pieces added to a corner space, this could create clutter and make the whole room start to feel cramped. In order to avoid this, try sticking to 1-3 pieces only, making sure that they are comfortable and subtle, and when they are placed in the corner spot they assist in opening up the overall space as opposed to closing it in.

The simple elements needed to make a corner a place to relax in after toiling through your daily routine will combine to create a usable and unique space in an otherwise empty area.
You’ll be surprised how little effort and thought you had to put into creating a haven to relax in in the comfort of your own house.

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November 22, 2015


When adding design elements to your home, a lot of time will usually be spent considering the kitchen, the bedroom, and the lounge area. These are all important and special places and are well deserving of this attention. However, in this process, there is a section of the house that you may be forgetting: The bathroom.
Although you spend a lot of your time in the personal and private space of a bathroom, this room is not often seen as a place that should be decorated. It’s just there to serve its purpose and through this, can often be overlooked as a meaningful spot to display some beautiful pieces.

The addition of unique and bespoke artworks can really spruce up the stark bathroom space, just like they do when displayed in any other part of your home. What’s a bit different about adding these pieces into the bathroom is that it’s an unexpected twist that yourself, your guests, and your family will never get tired of.
Art provides new life to the bathroom, whether it is through adding multiple works arranged casually on the blank wall above the toilet, or with a centrepiece hung above a marble sink, or with a small frame placed on a windowsill. Art has the ability to take us out of ourselves through subtle transcendence. This makes art perfect for adding to a place where you already spend considerable time regrouping with yourself. Think of it as a way to make your bathroom both homely and meditative but also ripe with character.

There are some things to take into consideration when adding this final touch to your bathroom. Ask yourself if you’d like to simply fill a blank white wall to give yourself and your friends and family something to look at, or if you’re hoping to invoke a particular mood or emotion. If the latter, you may like to think about the style of art you add. If you’re after a calming sensation, then a serene landscape or floral piece is best. If you’d like more of a statement and wow factor, a deep and moody centerpiece will do best. If you’d like to add some flare and pizazz, try a colourful array of pieces in varying sizes that set the area alight with life. If you’d like to make a small space look bigger, try adding in lighter coloured artworks on the door or near the shower to open up these tight corners.

The bathroom could be the place where you add on elements from the rest of the design of your house, or it could take a different path altogether. Depending on which route you’d like to take, be sure that whatever you decide fits your needs and your mood, and that whatever you choose to evoke with the addition of artwork is clear and simple.
Remember, it’s the place where you get ready every morning
and where you unwind every evening, so if you take
a lot of time deciding on what is best, don’t worry.
Every second will be worth it.

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