November 22, 2015

When adding design elements to your home, a lot of time will usually be spent considering the kitchen, the bedroom, and the lounge area. These are all important and special places and are well deserving of this attention. However, in this process, there is a section of the house that you may be forgetting: The bathroom.
Although you spend a lot of your time in the personal and private space of a bathroom, this room is not often seen as a place that should be decorated. It’s just there to serve its purpose and through this, can often be overlooked as a meaningful spot to display some beautiful pieces.

The addition of unique and bespoke artworks can really spruce up the stark bathroom space, just like they do when displayed in any other part of your home. What’s a bit different about adding these pieces into the bathroom is that it’s an unexpected twist that yourself, your guests, and your family will never get tired of.
Art provides new life to the bathroom, whether it is through adding multiple works arranged casually on the blank wall above the toilet, or with a centrepiece hung above a marble sink, or with a small frame placed on a windowsill. Art has the ability to take us out of ourselves through subtle transcendence. This makes art perfect for adding to a place where you already spend considerable time regrouping with yourself. Think of it as a way to make your bathroom both homely and meditative but also ripe with character.

There are some things to take into consideration when adding this final touch to your bathroom. Ask yourself if you’d like to simply fill a blank white wall to give yourself and your friends and family something to look at, or if you’re hoping to invoke a particular mood or emotion. If the latter, you may like to think about the style of art you add. If you’re after a calming sensation, then a serene landscape or floral piece is best. If you’d like more of a statement and wow factor, a deep and moody centerpiece will do best. If you’d like to add some flare and pizazz, try a colourful array of pieces in varying sizes that set the area alight with life. If you’d like to make a small space look bigger, try adding in lighter coloured artworks on the door or near the shower to open up these tight corners.

The bathroom could be the place where you add on elements from the rest of the design of your house, or it could take a different path altogether. Depending on which route you’d like to take, be sure that whatever you decide fits your needs and your mood, and that whatever you choose to evoke with the addition of artwork is clear and simple.
Remember, it’s the place where you get ready every morning
and where you unwind every evening, so if you take
a lot of time deciding on what is best, don’t worry.
Every second will be worth it.