November 26, 2015

Are you looking to take time out of your busy schedule to relax and unwind? A haven awaits you in an unexpected space, tucked away in the least obvious of places: the corner of a room.
We all live hectic lives these days. Whether it be juggling raising kids and the stresses of your full-time job, or doing extra-curricular activities in order to keep fit or stimulated, we all know what it’s like to feel burnt out. Here at Little Things Interiors we believe that it’s the tiny touches that can make all the difference. By turning an unused space such as the corner of your bedroom into a specific zone made just for relaxing, you’ll quickly notice that less is indeed more.

Corners are not the first place you’d think to decorate or add to, because they’re often considered dead space. They can at first seem restrictive because of their size and shape. What’s great about turning this dead space around, however, is that you’ll not only be taking a creative step but also a practical one. Who needs to add on an extra room to the house when you’ve already got a place you can use for that special purpose of relaxation?

To create a serene environment in a corner space, you can add chairs and small, comfy lounges to give yourself a spot to put your feet up. Next, you can play around with adding plants, flowers, lamps, hanging and framed artworks, and small tables that can create movement and an inviting look. Also, the use of soft textures and subtle, earthy colours will make the spot warm and welcoming, so be sure to compliment this space with careful consideration of the emotion that each piece invokes.

Some examples include adding a comfortable reclining chair paired with a rustic lamp and leafy plant, as this will give you an excellent reading space. You could also try the addition of a footstool to a wooden chair and an elegant vase of flowers placed on a small side table can create a paradise for comfort. Lastly, adding an elegant artwork on the wall adjacent to your chair will complete the look.

Keep in mind, however, that there is a fine balance between too little and too much. If you end up with too many pieces added to a corner space, this could create clutter and make the whole room start to feel cramped. In order to avoid this, try sticking to 1-3 pieces only, making sure that they are comfortable and subtle, and when they are placed in the corner spot they assist in opening up the overall space as opposed to closing it in.

The simple elements needed to make a corner a place to relax in after toiling through your daily routine will combine to create a usable and unique space in an otherwise empty area.
You’ll be surprised how little effort and thought you had to put into creating a haven to relax in in the comfort of your own house.