December 06, 2015

They say home is where the heart is, so why not put your heart and soul into the design of your home?
To gain that truly peaceful and unique living space that we are all looking for we are often drawn to the cookie-cutter mold of design magazines and traditional styles. We are taught to believe that if we follow the rules of simplicity, style, and functionality we will end up with exactly what we’re after.

The truth is, creating that ideal home space is not always about adhering to what we are told to stick to. A little flare and outside the box thinking can often add an extra, unexpected touch that you never thought would prove effective or functional. Yet by putting your individual spin on the design of your home, you’ll be surprised to find that your home will not only be uniquely yours, but it will also be welcoming to others.

Whether your personal touch is a bit bohemian, modern or a bit of both, you can add this to just about anything in your home. We all know that we don’t often fit into just one type of style, so why not mix your tastes into the design of your home? You may find that, instead of each piece clashing with one another, they will blend together because they represent the true you.

For instance, who said that all of the chairs at your dining room table need to be the same; try adding in chairs that are from different eras. Adding this unique style to some or all of the furniture in your home can really bring each space to life because of the wow factor of the unexpected. You’ll also find that after you’ve added modern chairs to your traditional table that you feel instantly more at home.

You may also like to try being creative with the greenery and plants that you have in your home. There are a variety of options available to you, such as vertical gardens, big and mini orchids, terrariums that require little to no maintenance, and succulents that can line a sunny windowsill. These additions are entirely up to you so don’t be afraid to add in a plant to an unexpected area, such as your lounge room or bathroom.

You can also be creative with the floor spaces around your home. Try a vintage, colourful rug tucked underneath leather armchair, or a patterned welcome mat in front of your modern sliding door. These additions will add a subtle texture to blank and boring spaces.

Be sure that anything you do add is unique to you as an individual. This will ensure that your home is the place where your heart truly does live. It’s your choice to add them where, when, and how you want. No one else can tell you otherwise.
Your home will stand out because it showcases your personality and in doing so, will be a unique creation that you can call your own.